Volt, the worlds most powerful solar tile.


Highest Power

It’s the first time a solar tile is comparable to a solar panel. Volt doubles the power generation of predecessors, having the highest max power output globally.



With its unique design, Volt has achieved an incredibly high-efficiency rating. With almost half the tiles, Volt can generate the same power as other solar tiles on the market.


Affordable &

While using premium components to ensure absolute quality and durability, Volt has achieved a market price that is more accessible and affordable to new homeowners.

30 year

Power Performance Warranty

Supported by Leeson Group, BIPV specialists of 10 years. Volt can provide a 30-year warranty, while predecessors' max warranty is limited to the 15-year mark.

Advanced technology

The innovative Metal-Wrap-Through cell technology design is busbar free and decreases shading area up to 3%, increasing power output.

Extremely durable 

Our engineers designed Volt with extra drainage channels, gutters and an interlock system to withstand the harshest weather environments.

Beautifully designed 

With anti-reflective matte glass and black frame, Volt's sleek design doesn't impact the home's aesthetic and curb appeal.

Concealed in roof

Volt's unique interlock design, allows the solar tiles to sit alongside the standard roof tiles instead of being mounted on top.

Brilliant partnerships

Volt, is hidden solar.

Designed to be installed alongside Bristile Roofing's Planum or concrete collection roof tiles, Volt provides a modern aesthetic with all the benefits of solar power.

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Offer your customers, Volt

Volt systems can only be installed by Volt Partners on new home builds. Each system can be designed bespoke to the home and client's energy requirements.

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