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For installers wanting to sell more solar by offering beautiful, integrated solar power roof tiles.

More and more homeowners want sustainable features in their newhomes, and we've developed this Partnership to meet this growingdemand.Volt Partnerships aim to broaden the installers' product offering toinclude a premium BIPV solution for homeowners, setting you apartfrom the competition. Volt is the highest-performing solar tile on theglobal market, designed by Australian BIPV specialists for Australianhomes.You'll have access to our Partner's Portal, which contains Voltmarketing and sales support material, technical support, andeverything else you may require to include Volt solar tiles in yourproduct offering.We've partnered with Bristile (Brickworks) and La Escandella to supplythe roofing components, which we selected due to their quality roofingmaterials and workmanship, essential for quality solar installation.In a time of solar demand in the new home market, give your businessa competitive advantage. This unique point of difference offers yourcustomers a remedy to pricey electricity bills, one that won't affect theaesthetic of their brand new home.

Bristile Roofing & Volt

Bristile Roofing facilitates the installation of the roofing and solar components associated with Volt solar tiles, allowing solar companies to sell and install compliant solar tile systems. Over the past eight years, the product development has resulted in the highest quality BIPV integration, ensuring a weather-resistant roof that interlocks with the compatible Bristile's Planum and Eton roof tile ranges.


Highest Power Generating

It’s the first time ever a solar tile is comparable to a solar panel. Volt Solar Tiles double the power generated of predecessors, having the highest yield achievable globally.


Astounding Efficiency in BIPV

With its unique design, Volt has achieved an incredible efficiency ratting. With almost half the tiles, Volt can generate the same power as other solar tiles on the market.


Affordable Premium Quality

Volt uses highest quality components in its design to ensure absolute quality and durability. With engineering Volt has achieved a market price that is more accessible and affordable to new homeowners.

30 year

Power Performance Warranty

Backed by Leeson Group, existing solar providers for over 10 years. Volt is able to provide a 30 year warranty, while predecessors max warranty is limited to the 15 year mark.

Simple. Modern. Advanced.

The solar power system for homeowners who care about the environment.

Faster & safer installations

Competitively access new market Volt systems are installed during the roof build stage of anew home while the guardrail is already installed. Along with less component requirements to a standard panel system, it reduces the costs for solar companies and increases their profit margin. Volt solar systems are installed in half the time compared to a standard solar system due to requiring no mounting system or grinding of roof tiles. Its small profile and lightweight make it easier and safer for installers to transport, handle and install.

Competitively accessnew market

Volt is a premium BIPV solution for solar companies to sell and install, setting you apart from the competition. The National Construction Code 2022 requires "Low Energy Homes" with a 7 Star Rating, including on-site solar power generation. More and more homeowners want to include these sustainable features in their new homes, and we've developed this Partnership to meet this growing demand.

Reduced costs & increased profits

Volt systems are installed during the roof build stage of a new home while the guardrail is already installed. Along with less component requirements to a standard panel system, it reduces the costs for solar companies and increases their profit margin.

Completely waterproof

Our engineers designed Volt with its own drainage channels, gutters and a unique interlocking system.

What you are offering your customers with Volt.

Volt is designed to be installed alongside your existing roof tiles providing a modern aesthetic but with all the benefits of a solar power system thanks to the latest in Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) technology.

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Add Volt as an option for your clients.

Volt systems can only be installed by Volt Power Partners making your company a no-brainer for your clients. Volt Solar Tile systems can be designed depending on the clients energy need and there are also built packages of 4KW,5KW, 6KW and 8KW. The system can be paired with a premium inverter and/or solar battery with an optional energy control unit.

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environmental impact

Volt exists for our future, every aspect is measured against how we support our planet.

Volt Solar Tile has reduced, lightweight and recyclable components that produce less carbon emissions during construction and transport.

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