modern bespoke solar

Replace your roof tiles with solar tiles and power your home with clean energy.

Volt is dedicated to creating a new generation of innovative solar technology, engineered to be more efficient and affordable than ever before. Volt provides energy independence to homes through beautiful bespoke solar tile systems, setting a new standard in performance and aesthetic.

Volt solar tile installation on roof with Planum Bristile Roofing tiles

Advanced technology

The innovative Metal-Wrap-Through cell technology design is busbar free and decreases shading area up to 3%, increasing power output.

Extremely durable

Our engineers designed Volt with extra drainage channels, gutters and an interlock system to withstand the harshest weather environments.

Beautifully designed

With anti-reflective matte glass and black frame, Volt's sleek design doesn't impact the home's aesthetic and curb appeal.

Concealed in roof

Volt's unique interlock design, allows the solar tiles to sit alongside the standard roof tiles instead of being mounted on top.

Volt solar tile and MWT technology cells

Volt, is the new generation of solar.
The energy of our future.

Have a beautiful sustainable home, with hidden solar.

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