Advanced solar technology meets timeless design

Volt integrates seamlessly into the Bristile Roofing Planum and Eton range. Volt is an innovative roof solar tile, designed to be fitted alongside standard roof tiles, mimicking their shape and profile to seamlessly integrate and not disturb the roofs aesthetic like that of a standard panel.

Volt Solar tile sitting on desk

Designed from the ground up by award-winning engineers and electricians with over a decade of solar expertise, Volt is the highest-performing solar tile on the international market.

The stunning and sleek solar tile is designed with all black components and an innovative interlocking system with adjacent tiles, resulting in an inconspicuous, solar you can't see aesthetic.

The worlds
most powerful
roof solar tile.

What makes Volt different


Max Power Performance

Volt has the highest maximum power output of any competing solar tiles globally.

1717 x 443


A larger tile means fewer tiles need to be installed to achieve the homeowner's energy requirements.

50% less


Volt has been designed to be half the price against competitors whilst maintaining a superior performance and durability level.

30 years

Product Lifespan

With a 30-year performance warranty and 15-year product warranty, we designed Volt to last. 

Side and front view of volt planum solar tile


Volt utilizes the innovative Metal-Wrap-Through (MWT) technology to eliminate the need for front busbars- white grid-like lines found on traditional solar panels. Volt has also been designed with all black components, including a black aluminium frame, black solar cells and matte-black glass. These elements combined result in a sleek, elegant, solar you can't see aesthetic. Volt is compatible with Bristile's clay and concrete ranges. Bristile has been chosen as Volt's roof integration partner as their roof tiles are of the highest quality and durability. Quality roofing components are essential as roof tiles adjacent to Volt must interlock to ensure waterproofing.

mechanical parts of the components of a solar tile volt


We've designed and refined Volt for over 2000 hours to ensure it can withstand the harsh Australian climate. Volt's interlocking system, drainage channels and gutters work to ensure the roof remains waterproof. The interlocking system has been designed to minimize cross-tile shading and thermal mass, allowing Volt to achieve a solar efficiency of 18.8%. Volt's cable containment system removes live wires from the roof space, significantly improving the safety of the solar tile. High-quality input materials such as aluminium reduce the chance of micro-cracking and degradation, considerably increasing Volt's durability.

volt planum solar tile system


At just 10kg, Volt is lighter than standard solar panels. A lighter requires less building material to support it - meaning fewer emissions during the home’s construction. The light weight also helps to keep transportation emissions down.