Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for Volt solar tiles?

Volt solar tiles are not currently able to fit any roof tile system due to the multiple variations of roof tiles available in the market. Volt's Planum and Lodge solar tile currently integrates with Bristile Roofing Planum and Eton collections. Volt can only be purchased through a Volt Installer Partner for new home builds that are completing their property build with a Bristile Roofing tile roof.

- Building a new home with Bristile Roofing Roof tiles.
- Re-building your roof with Bristile Roofing. 
- Have existing Planum roof tile Bristile Roof.

What is the difference between solar tiles & solar panels?

Both solar modules are used for solar energy generation, using similar components to achieve the outcome. However, solar panels are larger by almost half and are mounted on top of your roof plane, whereas solar tiles integrate within your roof and sit alongside your standard roof tiles. Previously, solar panels have been more successful with energy generation than solar tiles. VOLT is the first solar tile to reach equivalent capacity as that of a standard solar panel, making it the most powerful solar tile on the market.

How do solar tiles fit into a roof?

Each tile has been engineered with a roof interlock design. This allows Volt to interconnect and lock into place with other volt solar tiles and standard roofing tiles, concealing itself within the roof profile, instead of being mounted on top like a standard panel.

Who installs Volt solar tiles?

Volt ensures quality control with Volt Installer Partnerships. These installers have been assessed and certified. To find out if your solar provider is a Volt Installer Partner, or if you would like to be connected to one, contact

Why do I need a Bristile Roof for Volt Solar tiles?

Volt has been specifically designed to integrate with Bristile Roofings Planum and Eton roof tile range. This is a requirement to ensure quality and durability and, therefore, a prerequisite in the design stage.

Can Volt solar tiles do retrofit?

Volt currently does not do retrofit. All tiles have different connection requirements in order to seal the roof. This is why solar tiles are currently made compatible with certain roof tiles. Volt only pairs with Bristile Planum and Eton range tiles and it is more regularly done through the new home build process. However, if you have an existing Bristile roof with Planum or lodge tiles, we can install VOLT solar tiles in your roof.

Are Volt solar tiles more expensive than solar panels?

Solar tiles are more expensive than solar panels due to the components and technology involved during manufacturing. VOLT has been designed and manufactured to reduce the price of solar tiles by up to 50%, so more homeowners can afford a premium solar tile system that sits beautifully within their roof.

What system size do I need?

Volt solar systems can only be installed by a Volt Installer Partner. These solar installers will review your roof plans and the requirements of each solar system with Bristile Roofing. Based on the homeowner's requirements, they will conclude the appropriate system size for your home.