Volt is redefining solar engineering with beautiful design.

Peter Leeson holds Volt Planum solar tile with Matthew Leeson in front of black solar panel.

We're a diversified team of electrical, mechanical and software engineers, award-winning electricians and passionate creatives who pride ourselves on innovation, quality and integrity. With over a decade of BIPV experience, our team utilises our diverse skillsets and industry knowledge to spearhead Australia's transition to renewable energy.

Volt team discuss the plan for solar tile BIPV launch in Australia.

Climate change is happening. Fast. And with each generation, humankind's population increases whilst the resources humanity needs to survive depletes. Climate change isn't a problem for the next generation, the next decade or next week- it's been happening for years, and it's happening now. Humanity urgently needs to make significant changes to our greenhouse-gas emission levels so that our planet can recover from decades of damage.

Leeson Group has been pushing this change for over a decade, and now, we're introducing Volt Solar Tile to spearhead Australia's transition to 100% renewable energy. Leeson Group are experts in everything solar. With business divisions in residential and commercial solar installations, solar farm development, solar consultancy and Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), we utilize a vast pool of knowledge to aid families, businesses and governments in their renewable journey.

Volt team discusses engineering design for solar tile.

Volt is leading the way in renewable energy solutions.

Our energy system is evolving from a centralised carbon emitting system to a renewable, decentralised system; these changes create many technical hurdles that require great minds to solve. Our engineering capabilities, combined with our development and construction experience, allows us to understand better our clients' needs and provide solutions that others can't.

Peter Leeson
CEO of Leeson Group, parent company of Volt